1/76: The High Priestess – II


The High Priestess – II

She is the thoughtful interpreter of the countless fragments of information the subconscious collects upon waking. This is because she has access to the undercurrent that connects all things. Her demure demeanor is a natural expression of her steadfast belief in many things known to be true in spite of their fundamentally unknowable particulars. This instinctual understanding makes her a uniquely appropriate attendant to certain spiritual peculiarities. She is as awed by the unfathomable vastness of space as the infinitesimal gaps between grains of sand. She is elemental, and she is visceral. As an authoritative, unassuming guardian of the sacrosanct, she embodies the hypnotism of a soothing cadence. In your day to day, she is an occasional fleeting awareness of all of the beige haziness of the periphery. She is an unshakeable instinctive conviction, a feeling in the bones, yet she is as familiar as the thrumming of your fixed forgotten heart. Knowledge without external proof. Everything you have always known, undeniably, without knowing why. A truth beyond measure and doubt.


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