3/76: The Moon – XVIII

The Moon - XVIII

The Moon – XVIII

“Respect the delicate ecology of your delusions.”

There are so many realities that are dependent upon our belief for their existence. As the boundaries of these realities shift, expand, or collapse in response to new knowledge, it becomes clear that the things we don’t know are as important as the things we do. Because of this, we wonder whether there is no objective bottom line, only a kind of truth in various states of undress. The moon reminds us to acknowledge the existence of mutable absoluteness and the possibility that some things might not be what they seem. Those countless childhood fairytales that lost their charm into adulthood prepared us to try to gracefully accept the natural transition from naiveté into wisdom. From blamelessness to accountability. We must accept the strange premise that in order to really know a truth, we must first understand what a lie is.


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