7/76: Two of Wands

7/100: Two of Wands

Two of Wands

“Leap and the net will appear.”

            This card is about preparation for forward movement.  It is about seeing every path and considering it from every angle.  Now, you must remember that Time is the most precious resource, and the only one you can’t gather.  It is finite, and it spends itself.  Knowing that, a moment always comes, after the pros and cons have been weighed and all consequences have been considered, that one must find the will and courage to take action.  You must commit to one path.  You’re not meant to be a storage facility, housing only gathered resources.  And while your knowledge and experiences are incredibly valuable assets, they aren’t guarantees.  Your hesitation is in knowing that however thoroughly you have examined your options, you must finally choose one path to the exclusion of all others and that the path will change as you walk it.  Regardless of your willing participation, time marches onward and pulls us ever closer to some Ultimate Inevitable End.  The truth is, you can’t see beyond the horizon and that makes the choice to move toward it risky.  Consider that all of life is this great, almost contractual, gamble.  It is as incumbent upon you as it is every other living being to take that action.


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